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Anaisis' art can be ordered right here:

Ask for prices and acquire one of the artistas
once-in-a-lifetime artworks right here and now.

Ask for commissional work
Anaisis is willing to do commissional works.

For example a shamanic magic wand object
can be custom-tailored only for you.
Drop her an email, and ask for what can be done for you.

Kirsten Anaisis Miller
9000 St. Gallen
Cell phone: +41 (0) 78 900 39 38

Anaisis performing a Tai Ji pose in her atelier. Behind: 'Fire Goddess' and 'Qi-Gong'.
Anaisis doing a tai ji performance in her studio.

Gallery owners and press:
Inquire here

Expose Anaisis artwork in your gallery or store.

Contact her head of media, H.R.Fox for details.


phone: 0041 (0)76 410 53 630041 (0)76 410 53 63

Website: Art TV

Anaisis in her studio/atelier.

Temporary exhibitions

Anaisis' work can also be exhibited temporarily for firms.

Especially suited for companies like banks
and insurances or for marketing events/purposes.

Ask H.R.Fox for more about this innovative marketing option.

Atelier-Studio of Anaisis
Kirsten Anaisis Miller: Studio / Atelier

Live performances

Imagine a live performance with Anaisis while H.R. Fox improvises on a grand piano.

A once-in-a-lifetime spectacle! Drop us a line to discuss this option.