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Magic Wands by Anaisis (

Anaisis creates the most powerful Magic Wands.

Forget Harry Potter…Anaisis' magic wands are the real deal;  deeply magical and archaic!

She manufactures various fabrics, herbal ropes, bones and other natural materials to create these mighty cult items.

These sorcerous nature guardians can be used to protect your house, court and farm, to bring good mood, to protect from evil energies and spirits. Or you might simply want to decorate your wall with an outright one-of-a-kind artwork.

Magic Wand by Anaisis

'Dream Guardian'

This magic wand has a roe skull on top, dried blooms of roses and consecrated leaves behind.

See it in action at the Art  Fashion Show – Frauenmuseum in Bonn

Size: 123 cm

Magic Wand - Zauberstab  (c) Anaisis

Commissional work

Do you want an individual magic wand be sent right to your home?

Tell Anaisis something about your life, your desires, your goals, your dreams. She will then create an absolutely individual magic wand uniquely custom-designed just for you.
Nobody else will get a similar one, that's warranted.

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