Fashion Art

Anaisis: Recycling fashion art: Plastic dress.

"Plastic symbolizes our progress – but at the same time it suffocates nature." (Anaisis)

As usual, Anaisis illuminates both sides of the coin. Her solution to this particular double-edged sword? Recycling-art!

She started working with a wide variety of plastic materials since 2000 and designs and creates all plastic fashion art herself.

The dress to the left is a red costume of Anaisis' 'Wrappers of the Self'-series. Anaisis stitched it out of transparent plastic bag stripes. Moreover, she also painted on the plastics.

Enjoy this video of Anaisis' artcore plastic fashion art exhibition.


The event took place at the 'Alte Lederfabrik' in Halle, Germany.

During the exhibition K.A.M wore a plastic-dress, consisting of a transparent plastic-corsage and a mini-skirt made out of plastic bags – supremely sexy!


Video (c) makvideo 2005 (Maria Kübeck)

Anaisis: Recycling fashion art: Plastic dress.
This is a plastic dress from the 'Wrappers of the Self'-series called 'Black Fly': A black gown with belt.


This piece was shown at the Frauenmuseum in Bonn/Germany by Anaisis herself.

Anaisis: Recycling fashion art: Plastic dress.
Here Anaisis wears a 'wrapper of the self' in transparent-blue.


It's a costume wich is made out of cut, stitched and painted plastic bags. This piece consists of a skirt and a dress with belt, high stand-up collar and a neckband.


Anaisis: Recycling fashion art: Plastic dress.
Another gown of the 'Wrappers of the Self'-series.


It's manufactured out of bubble wrap. It consists of perforated and glued transparent foil which is processed into a lace-up dress with broad corsage, a collar, gauntlets and a purse.

Anaisis: Recycling fashion art - Plastic short trousers.
This is a corsage called 'Act'.


It's glued and stitched out of plastic padding material.

Anaisis: Recycling fashion art: Plastic short skirt.
Have a look at 'Nearly Holy'.


The backside of this tunica and the appertaining head covering.


Anaisis' 'Reh Dress' : Photo: Ulrich Heemann
And finally Anaisis' famous shamanic 'Reh-Dress' (Deer-gown).


This costume consists of a leather-dress, a metal plate chain, a necklace made of ths skulls of mice and a deer antlers belt on her back. On her head, Kirsten wears a plate of roe skull, stitched onto leather.

Additionally she wears one of her famed magic wands consisting of a roe skull and various natural materials.

(See more of her enchanting magic wands here.)