Life (By Anaisis)


Life (By Anaisis)

Anaisis’ ‘Life’ shows a man as well as a woman in her full godly power of pregnancy and their shared child. The child, not small anymore, is at the same time outside and inside of the mother. The yellow bulge on the right side illustrates the bulky and expectant belly.
Beneath that we see the evolution of the blue (water, universe, chi energy) out of which fish, birds and plants spring from. This turns into the red fetus, which signifies a symbol of growth to the child.

Anaisis used brush and palette knife with which she applied several layers of paint. This technique let’s the image abound in power. The woman gets support from the man at her side. The form of her vagina stands for life – right next to it, death and destruction (black). Out of this, new life is born: Life, water, fish, bird.

Anaisis: “The woman sits in the center of the image (as well as the world) with serenity and calmness. She is the vessel which embodies the knowledge and the force out of which all life originates.”

Material Oil, acrylic and sand on canvas.
Size 140 x 110 cm

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