Wie Im Innen So Nach Aussen (By Anaisis)

Wie Im Innen So Nach Aussen

Wie Im Innen So Nach Aussen (By Anaisis)

‘Wie Im Innen So Nach Aussen’ translates into ‘As within so towards (the) outside’.
We see yellow, ochre and blue color fields. Topically applied over it are red-brown lines and figures. These illustrate a quick expression of a movement which happened inwardly.

Widespread one meets a human neck and upper body, in which yellow energy flows. In the vortex of this energy pulsates the blue heart as a symbol of healing. The brown lines indicate the movement on the outside.

Anaisis: “Whatever we allow to enter deep into our hearts, also needs to be expressed on the outside.”

Material Oil and acrylic on canvas.
Size 80 x 100 cm

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