Wiedergeburt (By Anaisis)


Wiedergeburt (By Anaisis)

‘Wiedergeburt’ translates as ‘Rebirth’. It’s a triptych and hence consists of 3 parts: Growth, Death, Rebirth.

1st painting: We see a tree with roots made out of copper.
2nd painting: There’s some more copper and parts of black plants.
3rd painting: Consists of fabric remnants and copper on white color.

For ‘Wiedergeburt’ Miller used soil, varnish, plant remnants, fabric remnants and metallic pigments, as to illustrate the processes of growth, decay and re-emergence.

The tree is full of earthly, radiating energy, grown out of soil. The second painting portrays death in from of plant remnants on black matter. However there is still some life energy symbolized by the copper.
‘Rebirth’, the 3rd painting shows how out of soil the new can originate. It looks like a human head which develops out of the fire (the radiating energy.)

Anaisis: “Rebirth is a circular flow…”

Material Soil, varnish, plant remnants, fabric remnants and metallic pigments on canvas.
Size 3 paintings each 90 x 40 cm

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