Der Abschied (By Anaisis)

Der Abschied

Der Abschied (By Anaisis)

‘Der Abschied’ (The Farewell) portrays a woman and a man in the background, a chinese landscape and a lotus flower. In front of the moutain we see a pyramid, which coincidentally could also be a boat, and a seedling.

This painting is an expression of Anaisis’ affinity with the shaolin masters, which time after time return back to China. The form of love, which originated among them, lets flowers grow and overcomes mountains. It’s an alliance between eastern und western culture.The white lotus flower is a sign of emotional purity, which has arisen between the two.

The pyramid stands as a symbol for spiritual evolution. The boat for the mutual path. The master is physically hardly attendant anymore – still he is present. Collectively they plant a new lotus flower, as a symbol for mutual growth.

Anaisis: “Through the shaolin masters I discovered an entirely new kind of love, with which I healed myself.”

Material Soil, sand, charcoal, oil and acrylic on canvas.
Size 140 x 110 cm

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