Female Spirit (By Anaisis)

Female Spirit

Female Spirit (By Anaisis)

In ‘Female Spirit’, Anaisis portrays a woman which is deeply immersed in herself. This woman is entirely yin and yang shown by dark and light parts of the painting. She is very focused and in close communion with herself.

Her larynx is green which symbolizes healing and the 3rd eye white, as a sign of cleaning energy.

Anaisis has practiced various techniques of Qi Gong through which she achieved a great energetic transformation. For a long time she suffered from depression and fierce migraine.

Through hard practice of the inner martial arts, should could heal herself of all this symptoms. Meanwhile she has become a master of these healing martial arts herself.

Material Charcoal on wood/cement.
Size 23 x 22 cm

  1. Ein sehr beeindruckendes Bild und eine wundervolle Energie! Ohne den Titel und die Beschreibung zu lesen, war für mich sofort Mutter Maria sehr präsent! Ich wünsche dir von Herzen weiterhin so tolle Eingebungen und viel Erfolg und Freude!

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