Taiji Tou (By Anaisis)

Taiji Tou

Taiji Tou (By Anaisis)

‘In Taiji Tou’, Anaisis illustrates an androgynous person and the Chines yin-yang symbol (Taijitu).

The human in this painting is entirely with her-him-self, but powerful on the outside. It’s neither male nor female, but rather has both aspects, yin and yang, united in itself. This being is no threat, however filled with forceful, warlike energy.

Anaisis: “The more we internalize the qualities of the Tao (yin-yang united), the more we will be able to unite the polar opposites in daily life and can act from our centers. And then we can let flowers grow.”

Material Acrylic, soil, sand and charcoal on canvas.
Size 50 x 38 cm

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