Prayer (By Anaisis)


Prayer (By Anaisis)

‘Prayer’ portrays a monk in praying position and a bird close to water.

The monk has a tied scarf around his head, which looks very shamanic. The shaolin techniques arise from taoistic techniques, hence are of shamanic origin.

The monk is in harmony with sky and water, in unison with nature. The bird over him symbolizes spiritual freedom. Birds are some of the earth’s oldest surviving creatures and are familiar with the sky and the earth (water). Furthermore, birds constantly appear in Anaisis’ paintings, as she is deeply connected with these animals: Anaisis has been visited by wild birds various times in her life.

In the right background of the painting a laughing face appears – the birth of the buddha.

“I have learnt to laugh at myself and my weaknesses. In this way, I take out the socially much too highly appreaciated earnestness in our life.”

Material Oil, acrylic, soil, sand, paper and charcoal on canvas.
Size 140 x 110 cm

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