Shaolin Master (By Anaisis)

Shaolin Master

Shaolin Master (By Anaisis)

‘Shaolin Master’ by Anaisis portrays the back side of a shaolin master and a tree. This man represents all shaolin masters of the world, as all wear similar clothes and are famous for their shaved heads.

The shaolin techniques of ‘Qi Gong’ are of taoist and shamanic origin and hence strongly connected to nature. The master symbolically grips for the stars, and a tree seems to grow out of him. This depicts the dualistic connection of the masters with the earth and cosmos, out of which they draw their energies.

These techniques are over 5’000 years old, and were until fairly recently top secret. Through the famous ‘iron shirt qi gong’ for example, these masters mobilize incredible strengths.

Anaisis herself, has gained massive inner strength through these taoist practices.

Material Oil, acrylic and charcoal on canvas.
Size 40 x 25 cm

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