Straightening (By Anaisis)


Straightening (By Anaisis)

‘Straightening’ shows a woman and another two humans who are sitting together in zen meditation.

The tangerine-dressed monk clearly dominates in power. This master has had a strong influence on Anaisis’ life. The woman has become internally very straight, which automatically shows on the outside.
Her lower gate (earth chakra) is opened and through her 3rd eye she’s connected to heaven. A flower has awakened in her heart.

This is the first image of the ‘shamanic meditation’ series which originated through the close link with her shaolin masters. With this artwork, Anaisis digested her experiences through zen meditation, through which she was initiated into self-healing rites.

Through the passing on of secret knowledge of the shaolin monks and common za-zen meditations, Anaisis found her inner center again

Material Soil, charcoal and acryl on canvas.
Size 140 x 110 cm

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