The Tiger In Me (By Anaisis)

The Tiger In Me (Sold)

The Tiger In Me (By Anaisis)

Anaisis’ ‘The Tiger In Me’ portrays a woman with a tiger, the sun and the sky. The tiger stands on a branch and is strongly connected with nature. The woman is powerful and intently focused. She is in the middle of a taiji moving position; she has become a tai ji master of the sword-form and is one with the tiger.

In the Asian philosophies, the tiger stands for the mentor. For Anaisis however it stands also for ‘the cat within her’. Through her domestic cat, she is somehow mysteriously connected to the teachings of the shaolin masters:

“Sometimes I felt, the cat is my master, who wants to communicate with me.”

Through her training of inner martial arts, Kirsten has undergone a process of healing which completely changed her life.

This painting is sold already.

Material Oil, acrylic, soil, sand, paper and charcoal on canvas.
Size 100 x 80 cm

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