Wu Wei (By Anaisis)

Wu Wei

Wu Wei (By Anaisis)

Anaisis’ ‘Wu Wei’ displays a male upper body. The eyes are concealed. Next to him is white surface area, resembling a speech bubble. Within, hardly visible, “wu wei” is written in Chinese letters.

Wu wei stands for ‘without action’, ‘without control’ or ‘without effort’, and is often included in the paradox ‘wei wu wei’: ‘action without action’ or ‘effortless doing’. It also means ‘acting intuitively’.

Therefore the man’s (master) glance outwards is blocked. He looks within, fully confident, and hence is connected to his intuitive healing powers. For him, the wu wei and being one with the universe is ever-present. This is symbolized by the background which is composed of the cosmic sky.

The Chinese taoist philosophy has confirmed Anaisis in her reality tunnel (specific views) on life.

Material Acrylic, soil and charcoal on canvas.
Size 60 x 80 cm

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